Bellhals (陸繋島 Beruharusu?) is a neutral island featured in the Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen television series.


Argent PointEdit

Argent Point was an Arandas military base that was set up to research and test a prototype Trail Krieger. It was later abandoned after the experiment with Nanjou Reika failed. [1]


The 8th Autonomous Unit is given a break, but also has to pick up some supplies from the island of Bellhals that claims neutrality. Jamie Hazaford is determined to go to a luxurious spa on the island, but ends up dealing with maintenance for the ARGEVOLLEN. Every other female member of the unit instead goes in her place to the spa. Lieutenant Ukyo Samonji goes to procure supplies, and meets up with an old friend that is retired from the Arandas Army. After the maintenance upgrade to the ARGEVOLLEN finishes, Jamie tries to go to the spa, but it ends up being full. She and Tokimune Susumu end up spending time around town with one another. Jamie and Tokimune end up in front of a field of sunflowers, but Tokimune recognizes the setting to be the same one from his late sister's last photo. Suddenly, Samonji appears right behind him. [2]




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