The Great Wall (万里の長城 Banrinochōjō?) is a military base that was held by Arandas, but was taken over by the Ingelmia Northern Frontier Force Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Arnold Holmes.


Frontal Defenses:

  • Heavy machine guns mounted in heavily fortified gun bunkers and sandbag embankments.
  • A platoon strength Arandas soldiers with rockets and standard weapons

Interior Defenses:

  • A medium sized squad of heavy tanks providing heavy indirect accurate artillery like fire support on the Ingelmian army attacking.
  • Sandbags positioned on top of small reinforced concrete walls with a medium sized unit of KONGOU Trail Kriegers providing security and reinforcement support with a large infantry division of Arandas troops inside the wall.


Before Ingelmian forces conquered the Arandas forces at the Great Wall, it had never up to then been breached. Although what did bring about this was the use of BLOODY HOPPER Trail Kriegers, en masse, which the beleaguered Arandas defenders of the great wall were unprepared for. The BLOODY HOPPER unit overran the wall and attacked the defenders inside, with superior fire power, thus sealing its fate. [1]




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