Namie Portman
AN13 002
Namie pōtoman
Gender Female
Status Alive
Position Pilot (SEIRAN)
Anime Episode 13, "Blue and Indigo"
Voice Actor/Actress

Maaya Uchida

Namie Portman (ナミエ・ポートマン Namie pōtoman?) is one of the supporting characters of the "Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen" television series. Portman is a Private in the Arandas Army's 8th Independent Unit. She pilots a Trail Krieger, the Type ZTK5 SEIRAN.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Namie Portman is renowned for her habit of carrying lollipops and giving them out when she is flustered among a group. Her idea of the 8th is a lot different than what was the 8th. [1] She is shown at the start to be a shy girl, but when she is in the heat of battle she comes off as a know it all. Her actions during the training mission cost her the match. She is considered a rival love interest to Jamie. Namie also learned very quickly that not everything is in the manual and that experience is best tested when it comes to life or death.


She is inexperienced in combat, whereas she was a good test pilot for the SEIRAN. She knows Tokimune Susumu from their time back in their mobile weapons study course, which they got along well in. [2]




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