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Command Unit

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Unmanned Unit

Perfevollen (?) is a Trail Krieger that appears in the Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen television series. It's code name is AKATSUKI. It is a mass-produced model of the ARGEVOLLEN, and it's produced by the Kybernes Manufacturing Company.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

It utilizes the same U-Link System as the ARGEVOLLEN and STURM ALPHA.

Special Equipment and FeaturesEdit

The command unit has a function called, "Fascinator". It activates allowing the PERVEOLLEN to take control of every Trail Krieger that utilizes the U-Link System.

They are unmanned Trail Kriegers that receive instructions from a command unit.



The Type 15-3 TK/SLV "PERFEVOLLEN" is a new, mass-produced Trail Krieger developed by the Kybernes Manufacturing Company. [1]

These models are the direct successors of the ARGEVOLLEN, thanks in part to the data gathered to run them. Ukyo Samonji is the commander of the unmanned units. [2]




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