Schlein Richthofen
AN03 003
Shurain rihitofōhen
Gender Male
Status Alive
Position Pilot (STURM ALPHA), (GUNBASS)
Anime Episode 3, "One Man Army"
Voice Actor/Actress

Takahiro Sakurai

Schlein Richthofen (シュライン・リヒトフォーヘン Shurain rihitofōhen?) is one of the supporting characters of the "Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen" television series. Richthofen is a Second Lieutenant in the Ingelmia Army. He pilots a Trail Krieger, the STURM ALPHA.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

personality Schlein Richthofen is the same as any soldier with his expressions at first. he is first seen being one of the best in his profession. being an normal soldier fighting for his own country and personal reasons. he is always serious, passing up times to talk to other people unless they are military or his superiors. He becomes more engrossed in war with his taking to Sturm Alpha it turning him into an Argevollen hunting psychopath, he desires Argevollens destruction and for his Krieger to remain solely perfect and nobody in his way, this is seen when he purposely hits an maintenance worker for merely dropping tools unto the ground. His own obsession becomes his own worst enemy later.

appearance he has blond hair and blue eyes. his stature very much an veteran soldier of ingelmia. he wears an standard uniform that infantry wear when he is not in his Krieger survival suit.his standard uniform; blue an gold covered shirt and white pants with black mud boots.





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