Silver Will

AN24 007

(白銀の意思, Shirogane no ishi)

Episode Data
Previous Counterattack
Episode Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen: #24
Japanese December 18, 2014

Silver Will (白銀の意思 Shirogane no ishi?) is the twenty-fourth and final episode of Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen, it first aired in Japan on December 18, 2014.


Tokimune Susumu faces Ukyo Samonji only to be forced out of the ARGEVOLLEN. Samonji walks off in his the PERFEVOLLEN Command unit with all other Kriegers. He contemplates what it is he's been doing. The war ends with a peace treaty signed by both sides, but only signifying temporary peace. Both sides send military liaisons to the other side. After Youzou Suguro is presumably killed by Eraldo Quasimodo at the request of Shizuma Izumi, he intends to keep an eye on Viltriveld. Samonji is promoted to Major of the Arandas Army and becomes the Arandas military liaison.

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