Tokimune Susumu
AN02 006
Susumu Tokimune
Gender Male
Status Alive
Position Pilot (ARGEVOLLEN)
Anime Episode 1, "Encounter"
Voice Actor/Actress

Ryota Ohsaka

Tokimune Susumu (ススム・トキムネ Susumu Tokimune?) is the main protagonist of the "Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen" television series. Private Susumu is a soldier from the Arandas Army's 8th Independent Unit. He is considered the rank of private and is brand new to piloting. He is assigned to pilot a Trail Krieger, the ARGEVOLLEN. He is very reckless on the battlefield putting himself or others in danger and barely making it out of bad situations.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Due to his idealistic attitude, he repeatedly violates orders much to the chagrin of his fellow soldiers. In one certain occasion, he disobeyed instructions and saved a Jamie Hazaford, who was in a civilian trailer being tailed by Ingelmia soldiers. The trailer contained the titular mecha, Argevollen, which he used in his first battle without knowing that he had become its exclusive pilot. Lieutenant Ukyo Samonji would later put him in charge of the Argevollen. He has a strong sense of justice but lacks experience.

His complexion is pretty fair, and he was more care free and not as angry in his younger years while his sister was around. He is seen usually in soldier uniform or pilot uniform. There are a few occasions seeing him in civilian clothing but he had to borrow some from the captain which did not fit him. When not in a battle zone he tries his hardest to fit in with the 8th and enjoys putting his comrades before his own life. He is also seen to have a lot of anger issues and is stubborn. Jamie makes his personality a bit brighter but it almost feels pretty forced. He is direct and blunt with her and she returns it to him twice as hard. He acts like an old married couple when he is around Jamie which suggest his feelings towards her but is kept at a professional level.


He joined the military in order to rise through the ranks to uncover the truth behind his sisters death. [1]



  • His surename, "Susumu" (ススム?), can be translated as "moving forward."


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