Ukyo Samonji
AN11 001
Samonji Ukyo
Gender Male
Status Alive
  • Kingdom of Arandas alliance
  • Major (Arandas Army Contact Officer)
  • Captain (Arandas Army Special Ops Unit)
  • Lieutenant (Arandas Army 8th Independent Unit)
Position Pilot (PERFEVOLLEN)
Anime Episode 1, "Encounter"
Voice Actor/Actress

Hiroshi Tsuchida

Ukyo Samonji (サモンジ・ウキョウ Samonji Ukyo?) is one of the main characters of the "Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen" television series. Major Samonji was the Commanding Officer of the Arandas Army's 8th Independent Unit. He was also the pilot of the control unit, for the PERFEVOLLENs, attached to the Arandas Army's Special Ops Unit. He is currently the Arandas Army's Contact Officer to Ingelmia.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

personality samonji shows little to no emotion. his facial expression rarely changes within some exceptions in some scenes, he prefers to have everything upon himself to keep others out of the way, his commanding skills are one of the best. however he has his misjudgment moments; if it weren't for tokimune would have made arandas lose more then they were already.

appearance he mainly wore the standard green and black arandas army uniform with his rank on his shoulders colored gold, 3 chevrons on his the end he wore an trail Krieger survival suit when he commanded the unmanned Krieger's.





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